The last period we worked hard to get the website available in Dutch, English and Latvian and we are almost done! A big thanks to Gabry and David – – for all their help and support!Still a lot of work to do to be able to get the Dutch Anbi status for the Hope for Life foundation and also here on Latvians side there is a lot of paperwork to complete.

In days like this I thought of how it, years ago, all started….. If someone would have told me there would be a registered Latvian foundation named Hope for Life (CERĪBA DZĪVEI), a website, a Facebook page and Instagram account for Hope for Life I would not believe it.Or what to think about the fact I would become a foster mam in Latvia and had foster daughters living with me? Or what to think of all the times a place to stay was offered for women who needed a time out?Not to forget all the other things I am or was involved in, like the pastoral talks, mentor talks, training life skills and now also being a volunteer at ministry Freedom 61?

So many memories, so many adventures, so many changes, but still serving the same God as the One who called me to Latvia!