From 13th to 21th of August, about 100 people from various countries went to Karsava for an outreach. Karsava is 7 kilometres from the Russian border and has about 1900 inhabitants. Together with friends I shared a flat, only 700 metres away from the border and because of this we needed a special pass for the car!

For years the outreaches in Latvia were led by Tjebbo and Ans van den Eijkhof, unfortunately Tjebbo passed away last year.
These weeks were always in the winter, usually with a lot of snow and freezing temperatures!
This year the outreach was organised for the first time by Hans Storm and Jaap Derks, after Hans experienced that the Lord asked him to continue the outreach in Latvia. The outreach week was for the first time in summer and we had to deal with a heat wave: all days above 30 degrees Celsius!

What a week it was!
We had a team of between 90 and 100 people and it was like coming home to family.
From the beginning of the Mission of Hope in Kārsava, we felt so welcome and loved by the people.
At the end of the week many said they will miss us, well, I will miss them too!
It has been such a blessing to serve together in and for God’s Kingdom. We brought hope and shared the gospel, we had many different events and went on home visits.

This week has been a busy, but mostly special and blessed week. I was part of the pastoral team, I was asked to organise the women’s evening and the Love feast and I functioned as a driver.
I learned a lot and am grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of these events, especially a thank you to Erica and Ilona! Also hanks to Jaap and Raitis we were able to give the women a present at the end of the women’s evening.

I have talked to many people in the shops and on the street.
I have seen people changed because the Lord touched their hearts.
I have heard that women felt like princesses when they were led to the auditorium at the beginning of the Women’s Night.
I have met old friends and made new ones.

And … I know we left Karsava at the end of the outreach, but God’s presence was and will be there!
Lord, bless them all and may they experience more of You and Your love!

Women evening