What a year 2022 has been!
2022: The year in which we were still dealing with covid and in which we were rocked by the war in Ukraine. A war that has already claimed so many victims and where families were brutally torn apart. It brought about a flood of refugees, and also in Latvia there was shelter and help from all sides. In addition to all the violence, the war also turned the whole world upside down economically. We can only hope and pray that the war will soon come to an end, people will be able to return to their own countries and families will be reunited.

2022: The year where once again many women could find peace and rest for a short or longer period of time because we were able to offer them a place to stay. Sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a few days or longer, depending on what the need was. Right now a young woman is staying here for a few days for a time out. The first teenagers are also already scheduled in the calendar for quality time!

2022: The year the Freedom61 could open the doors of the cafe again to welcome the women. During the pandemic, many of them went online to offer their services, but we also see women returning back to the streets. In December, we had the annual Christmas dinner and it was a time of good conversations, delicious food and gifts.

2022: The year where it was possible to travel again. Finally being able again to attend live in the Netherlands one of the events organized by the Let’s go team and to give a presentation about Hope for Life!

2022: The year we won’t easily forget. I am so grateful for all that I have been able and allowed to do and for all the people I have met. So many new connections and I feel overwhelmed and blessed by it.
What an encouragement to know that God cared for us and to know that He still does!

As the new year has begun, I wish each one embraces it with an open heart and moves forward with faith, hope and courage!